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Today Tickr introduced the ability to integrate broadcast and streaming video with real-time business data from leading enterprise solutions.

“The addition of live video to the Tickr platform was a natural progression and where our customers wanted us to go,” said Tyler Peppel, Tickr’s CEO. “For brands and agencies that have an investment in television it is critical to understand its impact on business across the digital ecosystem — web traffic, sales, social media or other core business KPI’s — in real-time.”

With live video, Tickr has launched a new category of business information — enabling a true cross-media picture of how your brand is being discussed and the impact on your business.

“Tickr customers expect to understand what is happening across their business from both internal efforts and external events in real-time,” said Tim Satterwhite, Tickr’s Vice-President, Sales. “For many of our customers television is a major component of their marketing strategy and it has been difficult to correlate its impact on their business.”

Brands can track and correlate advertising, PR and competitive efforts and their impact on your digital ecosystem. This becomes a complement to audience measurement, providing a more complete, responsive picture of audience behavior in real time.

Banking and Finance can track business news mentions of public and private companies and enable correlations with financial market activity as well as online conversations about companies, financing, and M&A markets.

Live Events – Sports, politics, and live news can be analyzed as they happen alongside social media and business impact

Placing video in the context of your other key metrics enables you to maximize the business value of your media coverage and budget. Not understanding television impact creates a “blind spot” in your brand and reputation management. Video integration advances Tickr’s commitment to innovation, through improved access to, and understanding of, business data.

Broadcast sources include any cable or satellite TV network, including CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox Business, BBC World News, and ESPN. Streaming sources include YouTube, Hulu, Livestream, Vimeo, Yahoo Screen, and Daily Motion.

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About Tickr

Based in San Francisco, Tickr is the premier provider of real-time business data solutions, empowering organizations with insight into how their brand, products and services are being perceived and discussed across the web, side-by-side with key performance metrics on advertising marketing, sales and operations. Tickr unifies internal enterprise sources and external data — from social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, to business-critical applications like, Oracle and more.

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Businesses looking to filter out the noise and view relevant social data on Tickr’s powerful visualization engine have a new tool as Tickr announces access to Datasift content on its Command Center offering.

You can now make use of all the power of the Datasift filtering system and see the results on Tickr’s Command Center.  The sophisticated filtering now available is truly astonishing.  You can filter content by demographics, geo-location, device type (mobile, desktop), sentiment, as well as use complex boolean queries.

As a simple example, lets check out where the influential tweets regarding Obamacare are coming from. To create these views we searched for tweets mentioning Obamacare with Klout scores over 70.

You can see the most influential people:

…and you can highlight important content:

Contact to learn how you can filter out noise and zero in on the content that is important to you.