Brand managers aren’t the only people using Tickr to monitor news, conversations and social sharing about their worlds. Event management teams, PR professionals and journalists do too. (We will take a closer look at how Tickr can be used as a  journalism tool in the coming week, so don’t stray too far.)

For now, let’s take a look at how you can follow most of the feeds about this year’s Emmy Awards on one screen:

1. Go to

2. Log into your account (or click the green  Try Tickr Now button).

3. Enter Emmy Awards or Emmys in your search box, then name your page. (The hashtag for the Emmy Awards is #Emmys, by the way, so you will probably get better overall results with Emmys.)

Or just click here. We already built a basic page for you.

Tip: Using Tickr to monitor news and social content for an event like the Emmys is a lot easier than trying to juggle multiple sources on top of following the #Emmys hashtag

Note: If you are currently using the free trial version of Tickr, you will only see a sampling of the stories, news and social content available on the web. It’s a nice summary, but the pro and enterprise versions will give you much richer, denser feeds.

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