Guess what: Today, we aren’t going to talk about our own product. Instead, we are going to introduce you to a few pieces of social media management software we have seen used alongside Tickr in digital mission control centers (and a new one that focuses more on measurement and reporting). We’ll just assume that Tickr is already on your radar since you’re here.

1) Brand Integration: Mass Relevance

First of all, this is Sam Decker’s baby – and Sam is a very smart guy – so the company was on solid ground from the get-go. Second, the company offers a range of different products that work pretty well together and complement more complex suites of social media management products extremely well. Here are some of the things that Mass Relevance has to offer:

Some of Mass Relevance‘s plug-&-play products are pretty sharp in terms not only of data collection and engagement capabilities, but brand integration as well. The platforms are slick. They’re web-ready. In many ways, they knock down the fourth wall of social (is there really glass between us?) and allow brands to create environments in which the communities they interact with can play, discover, share, discuss and contribute.

Mass Relevance‘s stand-alone products are also pretty helpful. We won’t cover every single one, but they fall into three specific categories: amplification products, engagement products, and interaction products.

To give you an idea of how cool they are, they also provide analysis and data visualization products for CNN. Go browse what they have to offer at Tell them we sent you. ;)

2) Social and Mobile Channel Analytics: Webtrends

These guys tend to fly under the radar when it comes to the general public, but in social business management software circles, they are one of the most solid players. We keep bumping into their software pretty much everywhere we go. Their offering is so rich that we could devote a whole week’s worth of posts and product reviews. (No, seriously.)  Even if we only stick to the basics, we can tell you that they have four categories of products to pick from (social, mobile, web and optimization), and that across these four categories, there are 15 sub-categories of solutions to pick from. Here is a sampling of screen shots:

You’ll need an hour or two to get through their entire product lineup, but if you are more focused on the social media management and analysis tools, you’ll be off to a pretty good start. They’re also pretty cool to work with, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them:

3) Branded Social Sharing Pages: Mass Passion’s Intefy

 The idea behind Intefy is simple, and one that we can relate to: combine a variety of social feeds or discussion topics around a theme, topic, product or brand. It is sort of like one of the things that Intefy does, but lighter, more accessible to small businesses, and with a little more emphasis on peer-to-peer social content. (It even makes sense to use Intefy and Mass Relevance side-by side.) Here is what some Intefy pages look like:

If you noticed that these three examples lend themselves pretty well to events (twitter chats, town-hall events, conferences, summits, press conferences, news programs, Google hangouts and even webinars) you aren’t wrong. You can easily plug in twitter discussion threads (hashtags), videos, photos and live-streaming into a page, all wrapped in your very own branding.

Speaking of branding, the Mass Passion folks come from the brand management and experience design worlds, so their ability to help you make 360°design decisions on the fly is something you should take full advantage of. Here is their overall product development and client service approach:

As with all the other companies featured in this post, the Mass Passion team is pretty friendly and a pleasure to work with. Nothing but thumbs-up as far as we can tell.

4) Social Activity ROI Measurement: Ohtootay

We’ll keep this last one short and sweet. Ohtootay allows brands to track the impact of their social media activities on actual sales, even if the path from social discovery to purchase is not direct. (In other words, Ohtootay doesn’t fall into the “last-click” attribution trap.) If you can assign a specific investment value to a particular social activity, the software will not only identify the connection between investment and transaction, but calculate ROI for you.

Can you say “game-changer?”

While Ohtootay is still a young product, doesn’t necessarily measure offline transactions (though it probably could be made to) and doesn’t seem to focus on the cost-savings piece of ROI, it does solve a pretty important problem for most social media program managers. With… you know, real math. Business math. Stuff that CEOs and CFOs and Sales executives will be very happy to see.

Check them out at

Okay, that’s it for today. We hope that short list was helpful. Our experience has been that the more educated social media teams are about what tools are available to them, the better. The more platforms you know about, the more likely it is that you won’t only select the best ones for your needs, but the best combination of platforms to best help you manage your social media efforts – from monitoring and day to day management to internal collaboration, measurement and reporting.

And don’t be shy. Engage us in the comments, ask us questions on twitter and FacebookWe’re always here for you. :)