David Armano, in an excellent post on Responsive Marketing, argues that successful brands in the digital age must build responsive content marketing machines:

responsive content marketing model

Lets unpack those terms briefly here:

  • Responsive: A management philosophy emphasizing quick reactions to current circumstances and client feedback via multiple short development cycles and quick feedback loops.
  • Content Marketing:  In order to engage people today, brands need to create and curate content that invites people to be part of a meaningful story or resonates with an underlying narrative.  Successful brands don’t simply market their product, they tell good stories and invite others to join in.
  • Machine: Something that works automatically and cyclically (ideally improving with each cycle)

We at Tickr strongly recommend taking a look at David’s blog, then asking yourself these questions:

Do I have the tools and processes in place let emerging trends inform my marketing strategy and tactics?

Can I evaluate the performance on the content my team is producing and curating?