Combining Powerful Social Insights With Key Enterprise Metrics Gives Marketers an Unmatched Perspective on the Performance of Their Brand and Business

 TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired – March 27, 2014) - Sysomos, a Marketwired company and leader in social analytics and intelligence, today announced an agreement with Tickr to become one of the company’s preferred social intelligence partners. As businesses turn to social data intelligence to see the big picture of how their company is perceived and the effectiveness of brand marketing campaigns, this new partnership delivers social intelligence data displayed in a highly visual and customizable user interface, offering an unparalleled experience for viewing and assessing engagement and results across a brand’s digital ecosystem.

“As a powerful bridge between social data and enterprise metrics, Tickr is an ideal partner for us,” said Jim Delaney, CEO of Marketwired. “Tickr is an extension of Sysomos’ data capabilities, with a customizable user interface that allows us to offer customers rich information in a compelling visual format that businesses and marketers can quickly digest.”

The new partnership with Tickr enriches Sysomos’ social analytics platform by connecting disparate enterprise data sources – such as sales and web metrics, as well as online and broadcast media – to give marketers and managers an unmatched real-time view of their brand and business. As businesses require access to deeper and richer social intelligence, the marriage of Tickr’s real-time integration and visualization of data combined with Sysomos’ monitoring and analytics tools creates a powerful platform that is comprehensive, flexible and extensible.

“We want to partner with a leader in the social data provider industry, and Sysomos is that leader,” said Tyler Peppel, CEO and founder, Tickr. “Sysomos is a powerful social platform that enables brands to build towards the next generation of social business intelligence. We’re excited to partner with Sysomos because we recognize that by working together we can visualize the enterprise like no one else can.”

The addition of Tickr as a preferred social intelligence partner further exemplifies Sysomos’ commitment to delivering a powerful and robust platform that provides marketers with solutions, insights and real-time awareness for their brands and products.

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About Sysomos

Sysomos, a Marketwired company, is a state-of-the-art social analytics and monitoring engine that offers instant and unlimited access to all social media conversations. An indispensable source of business intelligence, the Sysomos engine collects data from blogs, Twitter, social networks, message boards, wikis and major news sources through the use of contextual text analytics and data mining technology.

Marketwired is majority-owned by OMERS Private Equity (, which manages the private equity activities of OMERS Administration Corporation and today has $6.4 billion of investments under management. OMERS Private Equity is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with offices in New York and London.

About Tickr

Based in San Francisco, Tickr is the premier provider of real-time business data solutions, empowering organizations with insight into how their brand, products and services are being perceived and discussed across the web, side-by-side with key performance metrics on advertising marketing, sales and operations. Tickr unifies internal enterprise sources and external data — from social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, to business-critical applications like, Oracle and more.

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Enables customers to choose reporting tools that best suit their needs

San Francisco, California – February 11, 2014 – Today Tickr introduced Tickr Open Reporting, which enables customers to use data from Tickr to generate reports from dozens of leading enterprise reporting tools including Tableau, Qlikview, Oracle, SAP, and more.

Today’s new capabilities enable customers to pull relevant information from Tickr-archived data into a custom report, using off-the-shelf reporting software. Tickr customers who already have reporting tools in place can leverage their existing investment. This new capability provides an open approach to reporting rather than locking customers into a proprietary reporting solution. It also allows customers to export their data into Excel, Powerpoint and Adobe PDF files.

Tickr Open Reporting is available now upon request, and it will be rolled out as a standard feature in the Tickr software platform in the second half of 2014.

“Enterprise requirements for reporting, even within a single department, can be unique and specialized. In a large enterprise the reporting needs are diverse, and there really is no way for a big company to shoehorn all their reporting requirements into a single reporting platform. Tickr open reporting offers our customers freedom of choice in deciding what to report on and how to present the information,” commented Tyler Peppel, CEO and founder of Tickr.

Tickr provides large organizations with a powerful, cloud-based business data visualization solution that leverages their existing IT investments and preferred platforms. Tickr gathers data from a wide range of business data sources, and visualizes it in an interactive browser-based UI. Data is collected from sources such as Thompson-Reuters, Facebook, Oracle,, Twitter, SAS, CNN, Hootsuite, SAP, and more into a single user interface. The result—no more logging into dozens of independent information sources in order to get a clear and complete picture of your business.

“We believe that the future of enterprise software is openness and flexibility, both of which are key to enabling multi-vendor solutions. Monolithic, single-vendor, enterprise software will soon be a thing of the past. Tickr is capitalizing on this trend to grow its enterprise customer base,” said Tim Satterwhite, Vice-President, Sales at Tickr.

“We believe this is a first in our industry—no other business intelligence product enables customers to consolidate all types of business intelligence data, archive it, and then report on it, using the reporting tool of their choice,” added Satterwhite.

Tickr Open Reporting


David Armano, in an excellent post on Responsive Marketing, argues that successful brands in the digital age must build responsive content marketing machines:

responsive content marketing model

Lets unpack those terms briefly here:

  • Responsive: A management philosophy emphasizing quick reactions to current circumstances and client feedback via multiple short development cycles and quick feedback loops.
  • Content Marketing:  In order to engage people today, brands need to create and curate content that invites people to be part of a meaningful story or resonates with an underlying narrative.  Successful brands don’t simply market their product, they tell good stories and invite others to join in.
  • Machine: Something that works automatically and cyclically (ideally improving with each cycle)

We at Tickr strongly recommend taking a look at David’s blog, then asking yourself these questions:

Do I have the tools and processes in place let emerging trends inform my marketing strategy and tactics?

Can I evaluate the performance on the content my team is producing and curating?


Today Tickr introduced the ability to integrate broadcast and streaming video with real-time business data from leading enterprise solutions.

“The addition of live video to the Tickr platform was a natural progression and where our customers wanted us to go,” said Tyler Peppel, Tickr’s CEO. “For brands and agencies that have an investment in television it is critical to understand its impact on business across the digital ecosystem — web traffic, sales, social media or other core business KPI’s — in real-time.”

With live video, Tickr has launched a new category of business information — enabling a true cross-media picture of how your brand is being discussed and the impact on your business.

“Tickr customers expect to understand what is happening across their business from both internal efforts and external events in real-time,” said Tim Satterwhite, Tickr’s Vice-President, Sales. “For many of our customers television is a major component of their marketing strategy and it has been difficult to correlate its impact on their business.”

Brands can track and correlate advertising, PR and competitive efforts and their impact on your digital ecosystem. This becomes a complement to audience measurement, providing a more complete, responsive picture of audience behavior in real time.

Banking and Finance can track business news mentions of public and private companies and enable correlations with financial market activity as well as online conversations about companies, financing, and M&A markets.

Live Events – Sports, politics, and live news can be analyzed as they happen alongside social media and business impact

Placing video in the context of your other key metrics enables you to maximize the business value of your media coverage and budget. Not understanding television impact creates a “blind spot” in your brand and reputation management. Video integration advances Tickr’s commitment to innovation, through improved access to, and understanding of, business data.

Broadcast sources include any cable or satellite TV network, including CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox Business, BBC World News, and ESPN. Streaming sources include YouTube, Hulu, Livestream, Vimeo, Yahoo Screen, and Daily Motion.

press release pic


About Tickr

Based in San Francisco, Tickr is the premier provider of real-time business data solutions, empowering organizations with insight into how their brand, products and services are being perceived and discussed across the web, side-by-side with key performance metrics on advertising marketing, sales and operations. Tickr unifies internal enterprise sources and external data — from social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, to business-critical applications like, Oracle and more.

To learn more, email or call +1 800 988 0958 | Tickr Inc. 182 Howard Street San Francisco, CA 94105

Businesses looking to filter out the noise and view relevant social data on Tickr’s powerful visualization engine have a new tool as Tickr announces access to Datasift content on its Command Center offering.

You can now make use of all the power of the Datasift filtering system and see the results on Tickr’s Command Center.  The sophisticated filtering now available is truly astonishing.  You can filter content by demographics, geo-location, device type (mobile, desktop), sentiment, as well as use complex boolean queries.

As a simple example, lets check out where the influential tweets regarding Obamacare are coming from. To create these views we searched for tweets mentioning Obamacare with Klout scores over 70.

You can see the most influential people:

…and you can highlight important content:

Contact to learn how you can filter out noise and zero in on the content that is important to you.

HYPERDATA-articleLarge“David Soloff is recruiting an army of “hyperdata” collectors.  The company he co-founded, Premise, created a smartphone application that is now used by 700 people in 25 developing countries. Using guidance from Mr. Soloff and his co-workers, these people, mostly college students and homemakers, photograph food and goods in public markets.

By analyzing the photos of prices and the placement of everyday items like piles of tomatoes and bottles of shampoo and matching that to other data, Premise is building a real-time inflation index to sell to companies and Wall Street traders, who are hungry for insightful data.”

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Tickr, Inc. Accelerates Industry Leadership and Releases Tickr Plus, the First Solution Providing a 360-Degree View of All Events Impacting Brands and Businesses, in Real-Time

Tickr, the world’s leader in user-friendly Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, today unveiled its latest software release, Tickr PlusTickr Plusredefines the BI experience with innovative new features packed into a remarkably intuitive design, including the ability to see critical data from internal marketing, advertising, and enterprise solutions side-by-side with relevant events from news, blogs, and social media channels in real-time.

“Tickr listens to its customers and is dedicated to providing solutions that solve today’s evolving business needs,” said Tyler Peppel, Founder and CEO, Tickr. “By aggregating and visualizing data sources in real-time, we are providing marketers access to more information about their efforts and customers than ever before.”

The latest release of Tickr advances its commitment to driving innovation through improved access to, and understanding of, business data:

  • Tickr Plus is the first BI solution designed for use across an entire organization, not just within small specialized teams.
  • Tickr Plus is pre-configured to link with Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Google Adwords accounts and displays data from dozens of key metrics.
  • Tickr Plus integrates directly with solutions from Oracle, Adobe, SAP, as well as others.

“We’ve heard from world-class marketing organizations that they need the ability to bridge the gap between simple analytics and actionable insights,” said Tim Satterwhite, Vice-President of Sales, Tickr. “Tickr designed its solution to enable collaboration across data sources, functions, time zones, and roles in real-time, thereby empowering businesses to not only measure their brand’s impact, but act based on all of the relevant information.”

The next evolution of Business Intelligence, Tickr’s elegant software tracks mission critical data from thousands of sources all in one place, from Marketing to IT, all in real-time. Tickr Plus’s unified view and data visualizations ensure that business leaders and their teams are always as up-to-date as their data.

About Tickr
Based in San Francisco, Tickr is the premier provider of real-time business visualization, empowering organizations with insight into how their brand, products and services are being perceived and discussed across the web. Tickr brings scattered online sources and business applications into a unified visual story — allowing managers to monitor engagement across all their efforts and programs — from social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, to business-critical applications like, Oracle and more.

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Unknown“Social networking sites have become incredibly popular in recent years, with Facebook now ranking as the third most popular website in the U.S. With so many people spending so much time on Facebook, public relations professionals are using the site more and more to communicate to the public. Now, researchers at the University of Missouri School of Journalism have found that posting public relations information on Facebook during a time of crisis can improve the overall image of the organization that is experiencing the crisis.”

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If you “like” this article on a site like Facebook, somebody who reads it is more likely to approve of it, even if the reporting and writing are not all that great.

“Hype can work,” said one of the researchers, Sinan K. Aral, a professor of information technology and marketing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “and feed on itself as well.”

If people tend to herd together on popular opinions, that could call into question the reliability of “wisdom of the crowd” ratings on Web sites like Yelp or Amazon and perhaps provide marketers with hints on how to bring positive attention to their products


Socialbots are tapping into an ever-expanding universe of social media. Last year, the number of Twitter accounts topped 500 million. Some researchers estimate that only 35 percent of the average Twitter user’s followers are real people. In fact, more than half of Internet traffic already comes from nonhuman sources like bots or other types of algorithms. Within two years, about 10 percent of the activity occurring on social online networks will be masquerading bots, according to technology researchers.