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Enables customers to choose reporting tools that best suit their needs

San Francisco, California – February 11, 2014 – Today Tickr introduced Tickr Open Reporting, which enables customers to use data from Tickr to generate reports from dozens of leading enterprise reporting tools including Tableau, Qlikview, Oracle, SAP, and more.

Today’s new capabilities enable customers to pull relevant information from Tickr-archived data into a custom report, using off-the-shelf reporting software. Tickr customers who already have reporting tools in place can leverage their existing investment. This new capability provides an open approach to reporting rather than locking customers into a proprietary reporting solution. It also allows customers to export their data into Excel, Powerpoint and Adobe PDF files.

Tickr Open Reporting is available now upon request, and it will be rolled out as a standard feature in the Tickr software platform in the second half of 2014.

“Enterprise requirements for reporting, even within a single department, can be unique and specialized. In a large enterprise the reporting needs are diverse, and there really is no way for a big company to shoehorn all their reporting requirements into a single reporting platform. Tickr open reporting offers our customers freedom of choice in deciding what to report on and how to present the information,” commented Tyler Peppel, CEO and founder of Tickr.

Tickr provides large organizations with a powerful, cloud-based business data visualization solution that leverages their existing IT investments and preferred platforms. Tickr gathers data from a wide range of business data sources, and visualizes it in an interactive browser-based UI. Data is collected from sources such as Thompson-Reuters, Facebook, Oracle,, Twitter, SAS, CNN, Hootsuite, SAP, and more into a single user interface. The result—no more logging into dozens of independent information sources in order to get a clear and complete picture of your business.

“We believe that the future of enterprise software is openness and flexibility, both of which are key to enabling multi-vendor solutions. Monolithic, single-vendor, enterprise software will soon be a thing of the past. Tickr is capitalizing on this trend to grow its enterprise customer base,” said Tim Satterwhite, Vice-President, Sales at Tickr.

“We believe this is a first in our industry—no other business intelligence product enables customers to consolidate all types of business intelligence data, archive it, and then report on it, using the reporting tool of their choice,” added Satterwhite.

Tickr Open Reporting


David Armano, in an excellent post on Responsive Marketing, argues that successful brands in the digital age must build responsive content marketing machines:

responsive content marketing model

Lets unpack those terms briefly here:

  • Responsive: A management philosophy emphasizing quick reactions to current circumstances and client feedback via multiple short development cycles and quick feedback loops.
  • Content Marketing:  In order to engage people today, brands need to create and curate content that invites people to be part of a meaningful story or resonates with an underlying narrative.  Successful brands don’t simply market their product, they tell good stories and invite others to join in.
  • Machine: Something that works automatically and cyclically (ideally improving with each cycle)

We at Tickr strongly recommend taking a look at David’s blog, then asking yourself these questions:

Do I have the tools and processes in place let emerging trends inform my marketing strategy and tactics?

Can I evaluate the performance on the content my team is producing and curating?