With so much digital data now available, the potential for PR or Social Media teams tasked with social listening now have the opportunity to become the most invaluable resource any company can have.  These teams can now learn more about how your key stakeholders behave online than ever before to the benefit of the entire enterprise. That was the theme of last week’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud webinar with Chuck Hemann, Group Director of Analytics at WCG.

With marketers currently swimming in data, Hemann notes that social channels can truly become a new frontier for research for several reasons:

  • They are open, unfiltered channels
  • They offer real-time market-driven conversations
  • They can provide an early warning system for competitive intelligence
  • It’s hard to make a move now without leaving some type of digital footprint
  • While there’s plenty of noise, there’s plenty of value in the signal with proper filtering

Hemann feels the research landscape is changing dramatically thanks to these new technologies and outlined a few trends he sees emerging in digital analytics.

Here’s a look at five of those emerging trends: http://www.salesforcemarketingcloud.com/blog/2013/06/trends-in-social-listening-analytics/